How many times have you thought to yourself: I’m such an onion head but I don’t have a motorcycle? It wasn’t until 2003, while looking at job listings, I came across an ad for a motorcycle delivery rider.  Something clicked and after reading magazines and websites, books, and forums, I finally bought my first bike in December of 2006.  I’d ridden friends’ bikes in my 20s but this was my first bike and it was brand-spanking new.

I crashed it in 2008.  A total loss and a broken hand.  But that was okay because I was ready for a new bike and the insurance was there to assist me.  I bought my ’08 Bonneville on 08/08/08 and named it “Ocho”, a name which never stuck.  The Harley Sportster I’d owned previously was named “Sarge” and that name stuck.  I have called this bike “Ocho”, “Chuckwalla”, and “El Cuervo” (The Crow).  But names just seem to slide off the sleek, shiny black paint, dripping down the blacked-out engine and lay in a puddle beneath the frame.  That’s all that drips down there; not an oil spot to be seen on my garage floor.


2 Responses to About

  1. PC says:

    El Cuervo has the correct intonation…IMO
    My first Bike was a 1969 Suzuki T 500 and I named “her” Theresa.
    As a newbie 18 yr old rider living in the Coachella Valley I rode her all over So Cal, Hwy 395 and the Yosemite region.
    In the mid 1980s I owned 2 Triumphs, a 1976 Bonneville and a 1968 Trophy 500 neither of which I remember naming. Out on the road between Santa Cruz and San Diego I certainly hurled names at the Bonneville but none of them flattering.
    Thanks for posting such beautiful pics of your bike and the roads you have traveled together.
    Here in Portland Oregon we can only dream of a riding season longer than 83 (21 of those likely to be cool, cloudy/misty) days so it brings some solace to view other peoples travel shots.
    May your travels be safe and enjoyable!

    • motomuso says:

      PC, Thanks for writing. Wow, you went from extreme dry to extreme wet. I know Portland well – or at least I knew it in the late 70s/early 80s when I lived there. Funny how the memories of incredible summer days crowd out all the gray, drizzly ones.
      Enjoy riding in “God’s Country”, however short your season may be.
      All the best to you.

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